Configuring Printers to Print Separator Sheets

TotalFlow Production Manager can print job property values on job separator sheets (banner pages) before or after a job. Job separator sheets that print before the first data pages of a job are also called header sheets. Job separator sheets that print after the last data pages of a job are also called trailer sheets.
  • Passthrough printers cannot print header sheets or trailer sheets.
  • For separator sheets to print, the value of the Job separator sheet (before) copies or Job separator sheet (after) copies property of the workflow that creates the job must be 1 or greater.

To configure a job ticket printer to print separator sheets:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. In the objects pod on the left, select Printers.
  4. In the Printers tab, select the printer and click More, then select Properties...
  5. In the Properties for Job Ticket Printer dialog, click Advanced.
    Properties for Printer dialog: Customize page
  6. Optional: To print separator sheets on a specific paper type, select a value from the list for the Input tray for separator pages property.
    The paper in this tray will be used to print all job separator sheets: header sheets, trailer sheets, and separator sheets with special instructions.
    If no Input tray for separator pages is selected, all job separator sheets will be printed on Plain A4 or Letter.
  7. To enable the printer to print header or trailer sheets, set Before or After to Yes.
  8. Click OK.