Creating Notifications

Operators and administrators can set up TotalFlow Production Manager to send email notifications of events that happen to printers, workflows, and jobs.
Before you create notifications, make sure that TotalFlow Production Manager is configured to use an SMTP server to process email.

To create a notification:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an operator or an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. In the tool bar of the Printers tab, Workflows tab, or All Jobs pod, click Settings the settings icon, and then Notifications....
    The dialog you see depends on the object type. The example below shows a page from the Printer Notifications dialog.
  4. Click New.

    You see the Add Notification dialog:

    Create new printer notification dialog

  5. Type or select values in the fields.
    Depending on the notification type that you select, the other fields in the dialog might change.
    1. For printers and workflows, select whether the notification should apply to one specific object or to all objects of that type.
      Job notifications always apply to all jobs.
    2. For notification when a property value has changed:
      1. In Property, select the name of a property.
      2. In Comparison, select a comparison operator.

        The list of operators depends on the type of values that the selected job property can have:

        Operator Enumerated values Numeric values, including dates and times Other values
        Equal to Yes Yes  
        Not equal to Yes    
        Less than   Yes  
        Greater than   Yes  
        Contains     Yes
        Does not contain     Yes
        Not set   Yes Yes

      3. In Value, enter or select the value that you want to match.
      4. To select another property, click Add, the add button. You can select up to three property-value pairs.

        Important: If you set more than one condition for a notification, all conditions must be true for the notification to be sent.

      5. Click OK.