Alerts section

In the Alerts section, you can create new alert triggers, edit existing alert triggers, and manage the current alerts. An alert trigger is used to configure the conditions to when a specific type of alert is dispatched.

Current Alerts tab

The system displays a list of all the alerts that have been dispatched. The list does not include manually or automatically dismissed alerts.

The alerts can be sorted by the following columns:

The name of the alert specified in the corresponding trigger.
Triggered By
The name of the object the alert was dispatched for.
The status of the object when the alert was dispatched.
The reason explaining why the alert was dispatched.
Alert Time
The date and time when the alert was dispatched.

Double-click an alert or right-click and select Properties to view the alert details.

Note: You can choose to open the details window of the object for which the alert was dispatched to view and edit the properties of the object.

Click Dismiss to dismiss the alert manually.

To dismiss one or more alerts:

  1. Select the alerts you want to remove.
  2. Right-click and then select Dismiss.

Alert Triggers tab

The system displays a list of alert triggers. You can sort the alert triggers by the following columns:

The name of the alert trigger.
The object type of the alert trigger.
Trigger Status
The status of the trigger can be Enabled or Disabled. The default trigger status is Enabled.

Click New Alert Trigger to create a new alert trigger.

Double-click an existing alert trigger to edit the alert trigger properties.