Tools and Menu Bar

The menu bar is at the top of the TotalFlow BatchBuilder user interface and it is available from any page in the interface.

You can do the following tasks from the top toolbar tabs:

  • Click the User menu tab to do the following actions:
    • Logout…
    • Change Password…
    • Manage Job Columns…
    • Hide Dashboard Footer
  • Click the Help menu button to do the following actions:
    • Click Help to view the TotalFlow BatchBuilder User's Guide in HTML format.
    • Click About to view the About page of TotalFlow BatchBuilder.

You can do the following tasks from the menu bar:

  • Switch between the available sections:
    • Click Jobs to view all the jobs in the system.
    • Click Orders to view all the orders in the system.
    • Click Batches to view all the batches in the system.
    • Click Filters to view all the filters in the system.
    • Click Alerts to view the current alerts and alert triggers in the system.
    • Click Logs to view the log entries with the objects in the system and their actions.
    • Click Admin to view the administrator section.
  • Search for a specific job in the system. Click in the Find a job text field and enter details about the job you want to find.
  • Submit orders to the system. Click Actions, and select Submit Order to open the Submit an Order page.
  • Scan barcodes using USB scanners. Click Actions and select Scan Barcodes to open the Scan Barcodes page.
  • Reprint a job from the system. Click Actions and select Reprint.