Logs section

In the Logs section, you can view the Log entries with the objects in the system and their actions. To insert or to delete objects in the log, click the Logs section, and edit the Components to log window.

You can search for specific information by typing minimum 3 characters in , the search field in the tab bar.

To export the filtered data displayed in the Log entries in a CSV format, click the Export button.

You can sort the log entries by the following columns:

The exact date and time an action is performed on an object in the log.
Event Type
The type of action performed on objects, such as Created, Property Changed, Imposed, and so on.
The type of the object in the log.
The previous and the current state of the object in the log, and changes made upon the object properties.
Issued By
The user that performs the action on the object. If the action is not performed by a user, the system uses the term System.

To view the object details in the Logs section, click an object from the list, then the expand/collapse button for the Details panel.

To create display filters for the Log Entries section, click the Logs section and in the Filter panel select the types of actions for the following objects: Jobs, Orders, Batches, Filters, Inputs, Outputs, Users, and Alert Triggers.

To save the changes made in the Filters panel, click the Apply button. A confirmation message is displayed after the filter is created. To discard changes, click the Clear button.