Dashboard Window

This section describes the Dashboard Extended Window.

To open the Dashboard Extended Window, click , the Expand Dashboard button from the Dashboard Footer.

In the top left corner, click , the chart menu, and select Shop Volume Chart.

The system displays the Shop Volume Chart in the Dashboard Extended Window. From the second menu, click and select to view the chart information for either jobs or impressions. Each bar in the chart displays the number of jobs or impressions that are due for a specific day of the week. The number of jobs/impressions that are overdue are displayed in the first bar from the left. The number of jobs/impressions without an assigned due date is also displayed in a separate bar on the right.

Starting with the current day, the system displays a total number of seven days in the Shop Volume Chart. You can navigate through the chart one week at a time. Click , the forward button, to display the information for the next week and click , the back button, to return to the previous week. You cannot navigate to a date that was due before the current day.

Click , the date-picker button, to select the starting day for the dashboard chart. You can select the current day or any day from the calendar. Click Date Range: {0} and select from the list one-week or two-week time frame. The chart resizes based on the time settings selected.

The information is refreshed automatically in the following situations:

  • When you open the Dashboard Extended Window.
  • When you log into TotalFlow BatchBuilder.
  • When you edit the refinements.

You can manually refresh the data displayed in the Shop Volume Chart, the timestamp, and footer chart information by clicking , the Refresh button.

You can download a file containing all the job information displayed in the Shop Volume Chart by clicking Download.csv.

The system displays the date and time of the last chart information update.

On the right of the Dashboard Extended Window, the system displays a list of job states. The checkbox shows or hides the associated custom state on the chart. The color square shows the color associated with the custom state. You can click the color square to view the color picker and select a new color for the job state in the chart.

If you hover over a standard bar in the Shop Volume Chart, the system displays the detailed volume information for the selected day, the number of batched and unbatched jobs, and the number of jobs in Waiting for File, Held state, and Custom States.

Click View Jobs to open the Job List dialog and view all the jobs that are due on the selected date. To view job details, right-click the job. All changes in the job state or properties are displayed in the Dashboard Extended Window.

The columns of the list are all the existing job attributes. You can download a file containing all the job information displayed by clicking Download.csv. To close the Job List dialog, click Close.

To close the Dashboard Extended Window, click , the Hide Dashboard Footer button from the top right corner.