TotalFlow Prep User Interface

TotalFlow Prep provides a comprehensive and intuitive user interface for composing, editing, and preparing jobs for output.
User interface overview

The user interface consists of the following areas:

  1. Menu bar with file management, configuration, job editing, presets, and printing options.

  2. Toolbar for quick access to frequently used functions.

  3. Page list for easy navigation through the pages of the job and for managing the job content and layout.

  4. Workspace with different layout options for viewing and editing the pages and sheets in the job.

  5. Settings area for configuring job settings, such as imposition, finishing, covers, slip sheets, designation sheets, headers and footers, page numbering, page stamping, and bleed edge tabs. You can also remove noise from scanned documents, straighten skewed pages, and align the page content.

As an option, you can view the TotalFlow Prep user interface in high contrast. High contrast makes it easier to see icons and read text. To turn on high contrast, go to Settings Preferences Display and select the Use a high contrast theme check box.