What You Can Do with This Application

Combine paper documents and electronic files into one print job.

See Building a New Job.

Combining documents
Straighten the skew of a scanned document.

See Straightening Skewed Pages.

Straightening skewed documents
Select an area of the document, and reposition it.

See Moving a Selected Area.

Moving a selected area
Apply edits to multiple pages at once.

See Editing Original Files.

Applying edits to multiple pages
Use other programs with this application to edit documents.

See Using External Programs to Edit Jobs.

Editing with another program
Print documents with page numbers added.

When multiple files are printed as a single job, you can add page numbers in a continuous sequence.

See Adding Page Numbers.

Page numbers
Duplicate and arrange the same document multiple times on a single page.

See Setting Gangup Imposition.

Image repeat
Create booklets.

See Setting Booklet Imposition.

Set and insert cover sheets, slip sheets, and designation sheets.

See Adding Covers, Inserting Slip Sheets, or Inserting Designation Sheets at Chapter Breaks.

Inserting sheets
Set and insert tab stock.

See Inserting Tabs, Converting a Page to a Tab, and Editing Tabs.

Print documents with binding, folding, or book-binding settings.

See Specifying Finishing Settings.

Binding and folding
Preview a document on-screen before outputting it.

See Previewing Jobs.

Previewing a document
Save and reuse job data.

You can save jobs for later use.

See Saving Jobs.

Reprinting a saved job
Register frequently used paper types, sizes, and colors.

See Adding Custom Papers.

Paper types, sizes, and colors
Register a hot folder (monitored folder).

A hot folder lets you perform imposition and finishing, and then output a document without running the main application.

See Using Hot Folders with Presets.

Hot folder