The toolbar provides quick access to frequently used functions for editing pages and setting job properties.

These functions are available in the toolbar:

  • Undo button Undo and Redo button Redo buttons

    Undo and redo changes to the job.

  • Select tool button Select tool

    Select and interact with pages in the job.

  • Mask tool button Mask tool, Text tool button Text tool, and Image tool button Image tool

    Insert masks, text, and images on a page.

  • Move area tool button Move area tool

    Move a selected area to a different position on the page.

  • Crop tool button Crop tool

    Crop a page.

  • Resize page tool button Resize page tool

    Resize a page.

  • Rotate page tool button Rotate page tool

    Rotate a page.

  • Overlays menu Overlays

    Apply and manage registered overlays.

  • Paper selection menu Paper selection menu

    Select the paper for the job.

  • Tray selection menu Tray selection menu

    Select the tray where the job paper is loaded. The list of trays depends on the printer selected for the job.

  • Printing side menu Printing side

    Specify on which sides of the sheet to print and the direction in which the sheets are opened.

  • Orientation menu Orientation

    Specify whether pages have a vertical or horizontal layout.

  • Staple menu Staple

    Specify a stapling option for the job.

  • Color/Black and White menu Color/Black and White

    Specify whether the job is printed in black and white or in full color. The options available for this setting depend on the printer selected for the job.

  • Copies: field Copies:

    Specify the number of copies.