Editing Custom Papers

You can change the settings of a registered custom paper.
  • To print on a registered custom paper, you must also register the same paper on the printer. For more information, see the printer documentation.

  • You can only edit the settings of custom papers. To modify other papers, make the changes in the paper catalog on the printer.

  • If you modify a custom paper that is currently in use, a paper with the properties of the modified custom paper is set instead of the original custom paper.

To modify the settings of a custom paper:
  1. On the Settings menu, select Paper Catalog.
  2. On the Paper Catalog screen, click Edit button, the Edit button, next to the custom paper that you want to modify.
    Paper Catalog screen — Edit paper
    Note: The custom icon Custom icon is displayed next to custom papers so you can easily identify them.
  3. Change the settings as necessary on the Update Paper screen.
    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.
    Update Paper screen
  4. Click Update.