Importing Custom Papers

You can import papers that were exported as XML files using TotalFlow Prep or the paper export functionality available on certain printers with EFI Fiery controllers.
  • For information on the functions available on your printer, see the printer documentation.

  • Whether the papers were exported from TotalFlow Prep or from a printer, they are imported as custom papers.

  • This function is not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.

To import custom papers:
  1. On the Settings menu, select Paper Catalog.
  2. On the Paper Catalog screen, click the Import... button.
    Paper Catalog screen — Import...
  3. In the Open dialog box, browse for a paper settings XML file, select it, and click Open.
    If an imported paper has the same name as one of the existing papers in the paper catalog, a numeric value is appended to its name between parentheses.