Viewing Printer Information

You can view connection details and status information for registered printers.
To view printer information:
  1. Go to SettingsPrinter Management.
  2. Look at the information displayed for each printer on the Printer Management screen:
    Printer information
    • The default printer icon Default printer icon shows which printer is set as default.

    • The color icon Color icon and the black and white icon Black and white icon show whether the printer can print in full color or only in black and white.

    • Under the printer name you can see the IP, port number, and SNMP version set for the printer. Hover over the printer icon for information on the printer language, the printer controller type, and the link for the printer Web page.

    • The connection status icons show whether the printer is ready to accept jobs:

      Ready iconReady The printer is online and ready to receive jobs.
      Offline iconOffline The printer is offline. TotalFlow Prep cannot communicate with the printer.
      Warning iconWarning The printer is online and can receive jobs, but it indicates warnings such as low ink levels.
      Error iconError The printer is in an error state and cannot receive jobs.