If You Encounter a Problem

This section provides explanations and possible solutions for problems that you might encounter.

Cannot Communicate with the Printer

  • Make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the network.

  • Make sure that the connection settings you specified when you added the printer are correct.

    To view connection details and status information for registered printers, select Printer Management on the Settings menu. Click Edit, the Edit button, next to a printer to view or edit its settings.

    For details about a specific setting, click the Help button to display the on-screen field help.

Images That Are Close to the Edge of the Paper Do Not Print

The valid printable area depends on the device, device settings, paper size, and data stream type. Images that are close to the edge of the sheet might not print outside the valid printable area, even if they appear in the preview on TotalFlow Prep.

For example, this might happen when you print on the tabs of inserted tab stock.

Try increasing the printable area in the printer settings.

The Thumbnails Do Not Show the Content of the Job

Placeholder thumbnails are displayed instead of the actual job content when the Hide Sheet Content option is applied. Make sure that the Hide Sheet Content option on the View menu is not selected.

The Orientation of a Scanned Image Is Not Correct

If the orientation of scanned data is not as required, you can rotate the pages using the rotate function provided by TotalFlow Prep. For more information, see Rotating Pages.

Job Settings Are in Conflict

When you specify a job setting that is not compatible with current settings, a warning dialog box appears. The dialog box lists the conflicting options and provides information on how to solve the problem. Follow the instructions provided in the dialog box and adjust the job settings as required. For more information, see Solving Job Setting Conflicts.

Insufficient Disk Space

If you cannot save a file because of insufficient disk space, increase the amount of free space on the hard disk. See the Setup Guide for details about the required amount of hard disk space.

Insufficient Memory

If the OutOFMemoryError condition occurs, close all the applications that you do not need and restart the TotalFlow Prep user interface. If the problem is not resolved, contact your service representative.

Issues with Job Files from Older Versions of TotalFlow Prep

Certain job settings from older versions of TotalFlow Prep are not supported or are applied differently in TotalFlow Prep 4.0 or later. You must reapply these settings after you open the job file in TotalFlow Prep 4.0 or later. See the Setup Guide for more information on migrating legacy files.

Cannot Start the License Manager

Make sure that you use an account that has administrator privileges. If you are logged on as a user with administrator privileges other than Administrator, right-click License Manager and select Run as administrator.

The Alerts Panel Does Not Display the States of the Job Accurately

When several hundred jobs are submitted for printing, the Alerts panel might not display the states of the jobs accurately. To fix the problem, close and reopen the Alerts panel.

The Printer Does Not Use the Input Tray Specified in TotalFlow Prep

For printers with RICOH controllers, make sure that the Tray Switching and Extended Auto Tray Switching options are disabled. See your printer documentation for more information.

For printers with EFI Fiery controllers, make sure that the paper selected in TotalFlow Prep matches the paper loaded in the tray:

  • If the controller matches papers based on attributes, the size, weight, and type attributes specified for the paper in TotalFlow Prep must match the size, weight, and type of the paper loaded in the tray. The catalog ID specified for the paper in the job ticket is ignored.

  • If the controller uses a catalog ID to match papers, the catalog paper specified in TotalFlow Prep must match the catalog paper loaded in the tray.

See your printer documentation for more information.