Trigger pattern

Specifies one or more pattern-matching strings that identify trigger files. A trigger file indicates that the associated input file has been completely transmitted.

The trigger file and the input file have the same name, but they have different extensions. For example, using the default trigger pattern matching string for input devices, an input file named STMT406.PDF would have an associated trigger file named STMT406.trg. The value uses regular expression syntax and characters in the value are case-sensitive. Separate multiple patterns by commas; do not type a space between them.

Length: Up to 255 bytes

Restriction: This character sequence is not valid: ${

Default: .*\.trg$

To use trigger files, set the Completion method property for the workflow to Trigger.

If the Completion method property for the workflow is Trigger, TotalFlow Production Manager checks for trigger files that match the value of the Trigger pattern property first. It then checks for data patterns that match the value of the Data for trigger property.

The input file must have an extension. If it does not, it is not matched to a trigger file, even if one exists.

The trigger file does not need to have any content.