Configuring to Submit Jobs Using LPD

Before you can use the line printer daemon (LPD) protocol to submit jobs to TotalFlow Production Manager, you must configure the workflows that receive the jobs and define the hosts that can use the LPD protocol to submit jobs to TotalFlow Production Manager. You might also have to do some configuration tasks on these hosts.
To configure to use the LPD protocol:
  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. Stop any LPD processes that are running on the computer where TotalFlow Production Manager is installed.
    LPD processes include the LPD Service and the TCP/IP print server, which run as Windows services.
  3. Create a new workflow or configure an existing workflow to receive LPD jobs.
    Select LPD as the value of the Job submission type property.
    Create workflow dialog
  4. In the Server pod, click System.

    You see the Properties for Server dialog:

    Properties for Server dialog

  5. Set the Hosts allowed to submit LPD jobs server property to specify the host names or IP addresses of the hosts that are allowed to submit jobs using the LPD protocol.
    • Separate host names and IP addresses with semicolons.
    • You can use wild cards in host names and IP addresses (for example, * or 192.*). A value of * means that all hosts are allowed to submit jobs. Values that contain only numbers, decimal points, and wild cards are compared to IP addresses. Values that contain wild cards and at least one alphabetic character are compared to host names. An empty value means that no hosts are allowed to submit jobs.
    • The default is *.
    • If you are not using Domain Name Services (DNS), you must fully qualify the host name. For example:
  6. In TotalFlow Production Manager, make sure that the workflow is enabled.
    Note: The workflow does not return status information in response to the lpq command.
  7. From a host system that you authorized in Step 5, submit jobs to TotalFlow Production Manager. If errors occur, correct the errors that messages from the host system or TotalFlow Production Manager identify.