Configuring to Submit Jobs Using a Hot Folder

To submit jobs using FTP or file copy, you use the hot folder protocol.

To configure a workflow that uses the hot folder protocol:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. Create a new workflow or configure an existing workflow to receive jobs from a hot folder:
    1. On the General page, select Hot folder as the value of the Job submission type property.
      Create Virtual Printer dialog: General page
    2. Enter the file path of the hot folder in the Folder path field. Also, you can use the browse option to select the hot folder.
      The default hot folder is install_drive:\aiw\aiw1\System\hf.
      • If the workflow is created with the default path, then the file path of the Hot folder is install_drive:\aiw\aiw1\System\hf\hot_folder_name
      • Specify the full path name of the hot folder.
      • Make sure that the hot folder is empty. If there are files in it, TotalFlow Production Manager tries to print them.
    3. If you plan to copy files to the hot folder from an FTP server, follow these steps:
      1. On the Advanced page, under Hot folder, set the Completion method property.

        Create Workflow dialog: Advanced page

      2. Add a trigger file name. The trigger file must have the same name as the input file, but with the extension .trg. The trigger file indicates that the associated input file has been completely transmitted.
      3. Set the Data for trigger property to one or more regular expressions that identify printable input files. Separate multiple regular expressions with commas. For more information about regular expressions, see Regular Expressions. For example, if you print PDF and PostScript files, enter these regular expressions:


  4. Make sure that the workflow is enabled.
    1. When you submit jobs with hot folders, take into account the fact that the files will be processed in a true FIFO order.
    2. The name of a job submitted with hot folder cannot contain the following special characters: ! " ; ' < = > \ ` ~. If it does, TotalFlow Production Manager processes the job, but it displays the job’s name without the special characters.