You can filter the information displayed in the Shop Volume Chart by creating refinements.

You can select various criteria to display jobs matching only certain attributes in the Shop Volume Chart. The configured refinements are available for each user separately and are reset when the user logs out. Each user can save the set of refinements that are in effect at any time.

You can access the list of all your saved refinement sets from the Refinements menu.

To create or manage refinements, click , the create/edit button.

The Refine Chart Data dialog is displayed.

Select one of these options:

  • All Attributes ("and" logic)
  • Any Attributes ("or" logic)
If you select All Attributes ("and" logic), the system only displays the jobs matching all the attributes set in the Refinements window. If you select Any Attributes ("or" logic), the system displays any job matching at least one of the specified attributes.

You can add more attributes from the list or remove some of them. To add a new attribute, click , the Add Criteria button. To remove an attribute, click , the Remove Criteria button.

To configure the criteria for the list of jobs:

  1. Select the attribute type from the first list.
    Note: You can select a value from two different attribute categories:
    1. The General Properties category contains the Output Destination and Order Status attributes.
    2. The Job Properties category contains different job attributes.
  2. From the second list, select an operator.
  3. Enter a value for the selected attribute type to complete the criteria.
Click OK to save the changes.

To save the configured refinements set, click Save Refinements as a Set, enter a name in the text field, and click OK. You can also remove specific attributes from the selected refinement set by clicking , the Delete button. Click Save Changes to save the refinement set modifications.

If you want to remove all the refinements and display all the information in the Shop Volume Chart, click , the Clear All Refinements button. To delete a refinement set permanently, right-click and select Delete Saved Refinement Set.