Traces window

You can control the level of details recorded by tracing and download the trace as a zip file. Click the Traces window if errors occur when operating as administrator, operator, or customer.
Level of Detail

You can select one of the following levels of information detail you want to record in the trace files:

  • Severe
  • Warning
  • Info
  • Configuration
  • All

When the level of details added into the tracing file is too high, the system might experience a slow performance.
Number of trace files

You can specify the number of trace files you want to maintain.

When the maximum size is reached, the system deletes the oldest trace file from the set and creates a new one to store the information.

Maximum trace file size (MB)

You can specify the maximum size for a trace file in MB.

To download the trace as a zip file, click Download Traces.

To save the changes, click OK.

To discard the entered information, click Cancel.