Manual Job Imposition

You can manually apply imposition on one or more jobs. Imposing a job allows you to specify the page arrangement on the printer sheet.

Running Manual Job Imposition from Job Details

To trigger manual imposition from any of the job views, right-click the job from the job list. If there is no imposition running, select ImpositionImpose or ImpositionReimpose. When the imposition is complete, the job returns from the imposing state to its original state.

Note: If an error occurs, the job enters the Imposition Error state. In case the job is in a batch, the error of the job propagates to the batch. All orders receive the error from the job.

Running Manual Job Imposition from Batches

When batches are in the Awaiting Approval state, right-click the batch to reimpose all jobs. You can open batch details, select one or more jobs, right-click ImpositionReimpose. When jobs or batches reimpose, they have the same state transitions as the first time they impose ImposingImposedAwaiting Approval.

Note: When you right-click a job or a batch to impose or reimpose, a dialogue opens that allows you to change the imposition hot folder. If there are no changes in the selection or the text field, the existing imposition hot folder is held for each job. After being reimposed, the batch returns into the Imposing state. After all jobs have finished imposing, the batch returns into Awaiting Approval state.

Imposing Jobs

During imposition all jobs have the following requirements:

  1. Job attributes and job file cannot be modified.

  2. Job are removed from filter when imposing, similar to when jobs are being preflighted.

  3. Jobs cannot be batched if they are not already batched.

  4. Imposition can be canceled and the job reverts to its initial state.

  5. If a user manually imposes a job in a batch, all jobs in that batch must be imposed before the batch is sent.+


The Impose right-click option and the modal title Impose are available in the following cases:

  1. No imposition is currently available for single job.

  2. No imposition is currently available for the selected group of jobs.

  3. Jobs in a group having or not having imposition available.

  4. When imposing an entire batch that has not been sent through imposition yet.


The Reimpose right-click option and the modal title Reimpose are available in the following cases:

  1. Imposition is currently available for a single job.

  2. One or more impositions are currently available for a selected group of jobs.

  3. When imposing a whole batch that has gone through imposition already.