Imposing a job using Ultimate Impostrip®

In TotalFlow BatchBuilder you can apply imposition on one or more jobs using Ultimate Impostrip®. Imposing a job allows you to specify the page arrangement on the printer’s sheet.

Examples of imposition values:

  • 1–Up
  • 2–Up
  • 3–Up
  • 4 pager
  • 8 pager
  • 6pg Z-Fold

To use Ultimate Impostrip® on TotalFlow BatchBuilder jobs, you must have Impostrip® installed either on the same machine as your TotalFlow BatchBuilder system or on a shared remote folder.

If imposition is enabled in TotalFlow BatchBuilder, you can specify which jobs you want to impose. You can also apply imposition to all jobs from a specific batch. When you want to send a batch for processing and imposition is enabled, TotalFlow BatchBuilder sends the jobs to an Impostrip XML hot folder to apply the set imposition. The Ultimate Impostrip Application returns the imposed jobs to a TotalFlow BatchBuilder hot folder.

Important: Only the Administrator user can enable or disable job imposition in TotalFlow BatchBuilder.

To use job imposition:

  1. Go to Admin Features Imposition.
  2. If Ultimate Impostrip® is disabled, click the Enable button.
  3. Select the Ultimate Impostrip® version that you prefer to use.
  4. Under Server Address and Port enter the hostname or IP address of the server where Ultimate Impostrip® is installed and the port of the Ultimate Impostrip® server.
  5. Specify the imposition timer. In the Timer tab you can set a timer for batches sent into imposition by specifying the number of hours and minutes. If the timer expires before the imposition is complete, the batch is set to an Imposition Error state. The imposition process continues.

TotalFlow BatchBuilder allows you to specify the folder name where the jobs are sent for imposition. You can select the location from an existing list of hot folders for each individual job or for all the jobs in a filter, a batch, or an order.

  • If a job is sent for imposition the job state and the batch state are changed to Imposing. When job imposition has successfully finished, the job’s state is set to Imposed.
  • If a batch is sent for printing and contains jobs that require imposition, the batch is not processed until all those jobs are successfully imposed.

If an error occurred during job imposition, or if the specified imposition timer expires, or the imposition XML file was not sent to the Ultimate Impostrip® hot folder, the job and batch states are changed to Imposition Error.

If one or more of the jobs are in the Imposition Error state, then the batch is not sent. Jobs are held until all the jobs that require imposition have been successfully imposed.

  • Even if Ultimate Impostrip® is configured to split imposed job files into multiple parts, TotalFlow BatchBuilder will merge back the split parts into a single imposed job file, because TotalFlow BatchBuilder supports only one job file for a single job.
  • If a job is in Imposed or Imposition Error state, TotalFlow BatchBuilder allows you to resubmit the job for imposition. Select one or more jobs from a list of jobs, right-click and select Imposition Reimpose Jobs.
  • If a batch is in Imposing, Imposition Error, Sending, or Output Queue state, you can stop the batch from being sent. Select a batch in the one of the specified states, right-click and select Cancel Send.