File Viewer

You can use the File Viewer tools by opening a job from the Job Preview, by right-clicking on a job and selecting View File..., or by selecting View Imposed File... with imposed files.

To zoom in or out:

  1. Select , the zoom tool, from the toolbar.

  2. You can select from the list different zoom percentages available.

  3. To zoom-in to a specific area, click and drag the cursor on the image. With each click, the Viewer will zoom-in, focusing on the center point of where you clicked. You can also increase or decrease zoom by selecting , the zoom-in tool, and , the zoom-out tool.

  4. If you hold the Ctrl key, the cursor changes to zoom-out.

  5. To fit image to window, click , the expand button.

  6. To switch between 1-up and imposed view, select , the imposition tool from the tool bar. If the job is not imposed, the imposition button is disabled.

  7. When the image is zoomed-in, you can select , the Navigator tool to view the zoomed section of the image. You can move the Navigator dialog to any part of the page. Select , the pan tool, to navigate through the zoomed image.

To use the rulers:

  1. Select , the rulers tool from the toolbar, to see the vertical and horizontal rulers.

  2. Click again on the button to hide the ruler.

  3. The ruler displays the measurements chosen during installation.

  4. To reset the rulers, click the 0 corners of the image.

To measure distance or marks in jobs:

  1. Select , the distance tool from the toolbar. The cursor changes into crosshair and the distance tool modal is displayed.

  2. You can measure the distance between two points by clicking and dragging between the two points or by clicking on the first point and then on the second point.

  3. Values displayed in the distance tool are updated as you click the job. When you set the first point, X and Y are updated in the modal. When you set the second point, width, height, distance, and angle are updated in the modal.

  4. To view the last measurement, select again the distance tool.

  5. To move the distance tool on different parts of the screen, hover the mouse over the tool, click and drag the modal.

  6. To close or hide the distance tool, click again on the button.

  7. To reset the distance tool, click the 0 corners of the image.

To view information on the job, click , the information tool from the toolbar.

In the job information grid , you can select from the list of jobs within the batch the job or the ganged imposition file for viewing. If you are viewing the original files, the system displays a list of jobs. If you are viewing imposed files, the system displays a table. The first column shows the imposition approval state and the second column represents the list of imposed jobs. Approved jobs have a green check mark icon, rejected jobs have a red x icon, and Awaiting Approval jobs display no icons.

  • If ganging is enabled on a batch, you cannot perform manual imposition for jobs inside of batch. This action applies inside of batch detail and all jobs view.
  • If one or more jobs from ganged batch are unbatched, no imposition is kept or available to be viewed.
  • If one or more jobs from ganged batch are unbatched, no imposition is kept or available to be viewed.
  • If any job is edited during the review process, you can reimpose the job and the entire batch is resent.
  • If one job is approved or rejected with a ganged imposition, all jobs will inherit that state.

To download the file, click , the download tool in the toolbar.