View and edit job details

You can view and edit the details and information for a specific job in the Job window. To open the Job window, select a job from the list of jobs displayed in the Jobs section, double-click or right-click the job and select Properties.

General job information:

The name and the number of the batch this job belongs to.
The name of the order containing the job.
The date and time when the job is due to be processed.
Sheets: | Feet: Meters:
The number of sheets determined by the system and the length of the roll of paper measured in feet and meters.
  1. To save the changes you made, click OK. If you want to close the Job window and discard the changes, click Cancel.
  2. You can remove a job from a batch using the Unbatch action. This allows the job to be displayed in a matching filter list or to be manually moved to another batch. The Unbatch action can be performed only on jobs that are in a Batched state and only when the batch is in the Batching state. If the batch state is changed when an Unbatch action is performed, the system displays an error.

    To unbatch a job, right-click and select Unbatch.