Job Preview

This topic describes how to view the job thumbnail from any job grid in the system. The job preview is not available if the thumbnail.method parameter from the is set to OFF.

To preview a job:

  1. Select individually each job you want to view from any job list.
  2. If the Job Preview frame is in the collapsed form, press the Job Preview expand button, in the right bottom corner.

  3. To open the job file in the File Viewer, click the link displayed in the Job Preview frame.
  • The Job Preview is unavailable for unsupported file types. For multiple selections of jobs, the system displays a preview of the last job selected.
  • In order to configure the generation of the job preview thumbnail, the file in your installation folder contains a parameter named thumbnail.method that accepts the following values:
    1. OFF - to turn the feature off.
    2. WHEN_RECEIVED - to have the thumbnails generated when jobs enter into the system, this is the default value.
    3. WHEN_SELECTED - to have the thumbnail generated when jobs are selected for the first time in the user interface.
    • To apply the changes made in the settings for the Job Preview thumbnail configuration, you must restart the TotalFlow BatchBuilder services.