Search for a job

This topic describes how to search for a specific job in the system.
To search for a job:
  1. In the menu bar, click in the Find a job text field.
  2. Enter a value in the text field.
    The system displays a list of jobs with attributes matching the specified value. The job attributes used in the job search are Job, State, SKU, andISBN. These attributes, together with the Due Date, are displayed as the columns in the search results list.
    Note: From the list of search results, you can right-click a job and select an option from the menu. Depending on the state of the selected job, you can:
    • View File…
    • View Imposed File…
    • Properties
    • Open Order
    • Batch
    • New Batch
    • Unbatch
    • Quick Print
    • Reprint
    • Proof
    • Print Proof…
    • Approve Proof
    • Approve Proof and Send…
    • Reject Proof
    • Imposition
    • Approve Imposition
    • Reject Imposition
    • Ignore Imposition Error
    • Hold Job
    • Set State
    • Set Location
    • Delete Job…
  3. Click the job you want to view.
    The Job window appears. You can view or edit the job properties.