Step 8: Add page numbers

In this step, you will configure the required settings to print page numbers.
  1. In the settings area on the right, click Page Content.
  2. In the Page Content panel, click Page Numbers.
    Page Content panel
  3. On the Page Numbers screen, configure these page numbering settings:
    1. Under Format, select P1, P2.
    2. Select Arial for the font type and specify 7 points for the font size.
    3. Under FRONT, select BOTTOM - Center and enter 10 mm (0.39 inches) in the From bottom field.
      By default, the Use settings for both sides option is enabled and the position settings specified for the page numbers apply to both sides of the sheet.
    4. Under Chapters, enter 3 in Start Page and enter 1 in Start Number for Chapter 1.
      By default, the Start Number for each chapter is locked and the numbering continues from the previous chapter.
    5. Under Skip numbering on pages, enter the number of the last page in Skip page #.
    6. Click OK.
    Page Numbers screen
  4. In the settings area on the right, click Page Content to close the Page Content panel.
Reference: For more details about inserting page numbers, see Adding Page Numbers.