Step 2: Create chapters

In this step, you will divide the pages into different chapters. This is important for setting page numbers later in the procedure.
Set chapters according to this table:
Chapter number Chapter name First page of the chapter
1 Preface Page 1
2 Chapter 1 First page of "1. Before Setting Up", page 11
3 Chapter 2 First page of "2. Installation", page 15
4 Chapter 3 First page of "3. Start-up/Shutdown", page 25
  1. Make sure that the List view is active in the page list.
  2. Hover over page 1 and click Create chapter button, the Create chapter button.
    Creating a chapter
  3. Click in the chapter field, delete the default chapter name, and enter Preface.
    Renaming a chapter
  4. Follow the previous two steps to create and rename the rest of the chapters.
Reference: For more details about creating and renaming chapters, see Creating Chapters.