Using a Printer Pool When the Job Ticket Printer Is Disabled

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. Make sure that there are a Passthrough printer and a job ticket printer on the TotalFlow Production Manager server.
  4. First, create a printer pool, then add the Passthrough printer and the job ticket printer in it.
  5. Set the job ticket printer as the Representative Printer.
  6. Set the Copy Split option to No.
  7. Click OK to create the printer pool.
    You can see the newly created printer pool in the Printer Pools tab.
  8. Then create a workflow:
  9. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  10. In the Workflows tab, click New....

    You see the Create Workflow dialog.

  11. Click Properties for Workflow.
  12. On the General page, enter a name for the workflow.
  13. Select Hot folder or LPD as job submission type.
  14. Set the newly created printer pool as the Requested printer.
    Create Workflow dialog
  15. Click OK to create the workflow.
  16. Make sure that the printers in the printer pool and the workflow are enabled.
  17. In the Printers tab, select the job ticket printer that you added in the printer pool and click Disable the disable icon.
  18. On the server where TotalFlow Production Manager is installed, copy a PostScript, PDF, or PCL file in the folder set as the hot folder for the workflow.

    You can see the job in the All Jobs pod of the Operations page. Since the job ticket is disabled, the job will be printed on the Passthrough printer.

    The PostScript, PCL, or PDF file created can be found at the following location on the server:-installation_path/aiw/aiw1/spool/default/jobs_ID/