Viewing Job Status

Administrators can view the status of jobs and change the properties of the jobs or printers to match, if necessary.

Note: A printer can be a requested printer, a printer pool with a number of not matching printers or a proof print requested printer.

To view the job’s status:

  1. In the All Jobs pod, right-click the job then select Status... .

    You see the Status for Job dialog.

    Job Status dialog

  2. To see on-screen balloon help for any of the properties:
    1. Mouse over the property.
    2. Click Question mark, the question mark button, next to the property name.

    When the job state is Unassigned and the Wait reason is No matching printer, the dialog looks similar to this:

    Job Status dialog

    You can also see the Wait reason details by mouse-hovering the text displayed in the Wait reason column in the All Jobs pod.

    When the job is in Error state, you can see a message describing the reasons why the job entered the Error state and the action you must take to solve the problem.

    Job Status dialog