Editing Jobs in RICOH TotalFlow Prep

In some cases, you can edit a job in TotalFlow Prep instead of in the Properties for Job dialog. The job must be in the TotalFlow Prep Waiting, in the Error state, or in the Stored state.
TotalFlow Prep must be installed on the same server as TotalFlow Production Manager.
To return a job from TotalFlow Production Manager to TotalFlow Prep for editing:
  1. To make jobs stop in the TotalFlow Prep activity at a certain point in the workflow:
    1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
    2. In the menu bar, click Operations..
    3. In the Workflows tab, select the workflow where you plan to submit jobs for editing in TotalFlow Prep and click Edit Workflow the edit workflow icon. Or, right-click the workflow and select Editor and Properties....

      The workflow is displayed in the workflow Editor pod.

    4. Drag the TotalFlow Prep activity from the Activities pod to the workflow Editor pod.
    5. Save the workflow.

    When the job reaches the TotalFlow Prep activity, it stops.

  2. To edit the job:
    1. Select the job and click More, then Prep... to launch TotalFlow Prep.
      TotalFlow Prep opens in a new browser tab or window. The selected job is loaded.
    2. Edit the job properties.
    3. In TotalFlow Prep, click File and save the job.
      Your changes are saved and the TotalFlow Prep browser tab or window closes. If the job is not in the Error state, it moves to the next step in the workflow. For more information about saving options, see the TotalFlow Prep documentation.
    You can also use TotalFlow Prep presets as job profiles and process the jobs automatically, without stopping and editing when they reach the TotalFlow Prep activity. The presets are job templates that are already defined in TotalFlow Prep and can be used as such.
  3. To process a job automatically through TotalFlow Prep activity, make sure you have presets defined in TotalFlow Prep. Then, follow these steps:
    1. Open the TotalFlow Prep activity properties dialog, then click Job defaults.
    2. Under TotalFlow Prep Mode, select Automatic.
    3. In the profiles list, select a TotalFlow Prep preset.
    4. Click OK.
    When the job reaches the TotalFlow Prep activity, it continues processing with the properties defined in the profile that you selected.