Creating Special Instructions for a Job

If a job requires the operator to do something special, the operator needs instructions. The job submitter can enter these instructions as the value of the Special instructions job property, or you can create special instructions after the job is queued to a printer. As an option, these instructions can be printed on a separator page just before the job is printed.
To print the special instructions:
  • If the job is assigned to a Passthrough printer, that printer must have a value for the Command for special instructions property.
  • To print the special instructions on a specific paper, the printer where the job is assigned must have a value for the Input tray for separator pages property.
To create printer instructions:
  1. In the Queues pod, right-click the job, then select Special instructions...

    You see the Special instructions... dialog:

    Special Instructions dialog

  2. Enter the instructions in the Special instructions field.
  3. Optional: To save the special instructions in a PDF file and print this file on a separator page, select Print special instructions.
  4. Click OK.
The job is marked in the Queuespod with Operator flag, the operator flag, just before it. When you hover the cursor over the flag, the special instructions are displayed. Double-click the operator flag to edit the instructions. When the job is about to print, the instructions are displayed in a dialog and printed on a separator page if you selected that option. The job does not print until the operator clicks the Print special instructions button in this dialog.