Making Jobs Process and Print Sooner

Occasionally, you might need to move a job up so that it processes and prints sooner than it would otherwise.

To make a job process and print sooner:

  • Use the Priority property:
    1. On the Job Setup page of the Properties for Job dialog:
    2. In Advanced Settings section, select the check box next to the Priority property.
    3. Specify a value for the Priority property.

      The highest priority is 1 and the lowest numeric priority is 100. All numeric priorities are higher than no priority.

  • Use the Copy Split option:
    1. Create a printer pool.
    2. In the Create Printer Pool dialog, set the Copy Split option to Yes.
    3. Set the Copy Split Threshold to a number that will be the maximum number of copies that a job can have before it triggers the Copy split functionality.
    4. Assign the job to the printer pool that you created.
  1. When a job is split with this function, the job log will show the parent job with the total number of copies, and the child jobs with their respective number of copies.
  2. The parent job will not be assigned to any printer.
  3. During the printing process the log will show how each child job progresses, while the parent job remains unchanged. Once the child jobs are completed, they will be deleted from the log.