Moving Jobs to Another Workflow

In order to manage jobs more efficiently, you can move jobs from one workflow into several existing workflows, based on defined conditions. You must assign the target workflows to a printer or printer pool. Also, you can choose to move jobs into a workflow on a remote TotalFlow Production Manager server.

To move jobs to another workflow:

  1. Select a workflow that you want to process the jobs through, click More, then Editor and Properties....
  2. On the Editor page, add a Change Workflow activity to the workflow. For more information about adding activities to a workflow, see: Editing Workflows.
  3. When the Change Workflow activity is in the Activities pod, right-click the activity name, then select Properties.
  4. In the Properties for Activity dialog, click Job Defaults.
    You see the Job Defaults dialog:
    Change workflow
  5. In the Conditions list, select the conditions to match the properties of the jobs you want to move. To add more conditions, click the add row icon.
    Note: You can select up to three conditions. You can add multiple Change Workflow activities and create a chain of workflows.
  6. In the Move to Workflow list, select Local if the target workflow is on the same server, or Remote if the target workflow is on another TotalFlow Production Manager server. Make sure that the remote server is running and the target workflows are assigned to a printer or printer pool.
  7. If you selected Remote, enter the remote server address where you configured the target workflows under TotalFlow Production Manager Server.
  8. To retrieve the available workflows from the remote server, click Get Workflows.
  9. Select the target workflow from the Select Workflow list.
  10. Click OK to save the activity, then save the workflow.
    When the jobs reach this activity, they are moved to the target workflow, if all the conditions defined at the previous step are met.