Moving Jobs to Another Printer or Printer Pool

After a job is assigned to a printer, you might need to move it to another printer or printer pool. You can move one or several jobs at a time.

For a job to be moved to a new printer, the values of all the assignment properties for the job must match the values of the assignment properties for the printer. A printer property without a value matches any value of the corresponding job property.

The assignment properties are:

Job property Printer property
Customer Customer name
Paper Settings ( Name on Paper page of Properties for Job editor) Paper Settings ( Name of the papers in the printer's input trays or scheduled in paper changes for the printer)
Staple/Bind Staple
Punch Punch
Fold type Folding
Color/Black and white Color mode
Total sheets Job total sheets supported
Requested Printer Requested Printer

To move jobs to another printer or printer pool:

  1. Do one of these:
    • Select one or several jobs from the Queues view:
      1. Open the Queues page.
      2. In the Queues pod, click the job graphic next to a printer.
      Open the Queues page and, in the Queues pod, right-click the job graphic next to a printer, then select Move....
      Job dialog
    • Select one or several jobs from the Operations page:
      1. In the All Jobs pod, select one or several jobs.
      2. Click More, then click Move....

    You see the Move Job dialog:

    Move Job dialog: first page

  2. In the top left corner of the table, select the printer or printer pool that you want to move the jobs to.
    If you select a printer, the top row of the table shows the values of the assignment properties for the selected printer. The other rows show the values of the corresponding properties for the jobs. If you select a printer pool, the assignment properties are not compared now and not shown. Go to Step 6.
  3. If the job and printer properties do not match, the mismatched value is marked with a red flag. Select a different printer or printer pool. If you selected a printer pool, TotalFlow Production Manager compares the assignment properties of the job to the assignment properties of the printers in the pool. If no matching printer is found, you see an error message and the job is not moved.
  4. Under Position, specify when you want the jobs to print:
    • To print the jobs after the last assigned job, click After last job.
    • To print the jobs before another assigned job, click Before, then select the other job.
  5. Click OK.
    • If you already know that the properties of a job matches those of a printer, you can move the job by dragging it over a printer or workflow, on the Operations page.
  6. If the new printer uses the EFI Fiery controller option and port 9103, the jobs go to the hold queue. Do these steps at the printer console:
    1. On the Held tab of the Jobs list, select the jobs.
    2. Press Print.