Merging Jobs

You can merge multiple PDF jobs into one.

To merge jobs:

  1. In the All Jobs pod, select the jobs that you want to merge into one.
  2. Right click the selection, then click Merge....

    You see the Merge Jobs dialog:

    Merge Jobs dialog

  3. To modify the jobs order, drag and drop the jobs in the list, according to your needs. To remove a job from the merge list, select the job, then click the delete icon.
  4. Click OK.

    TotalFlow Production Manager modifies and keeps the first job in the merge order list, which becomes the master job. It deletes the rest of the merged jobs.

    The resulting merged job receives the name and most of the properties of the master job. The job name is similar to this: first job name-merged.

You can also merge jobs in the Queuespod.

  • You can merge only PDF jobs.
  • If you want to merge password protected PDF jobs, unlock the PDF files first.
  • Each part of the merged job starts on the front side of a sheet.
  • You cannot merge jobs with Imposition set to Booklet, Perfect, or Speed.
  • The merged jobs keep most of the page exceptions settings, such as: sheet insertions, paper or color substitutions, or subset staples.