Unlocking password protected PDF files

Some jobs might contain password protected PDF files. Operators and administrators can unlock them, using one or several passwords.

When you submit a password protected PDF file, it goes into Waiting for password processing state.

To unlock the password protected jobs,

  1. Select the jobs.
  2. Right-click the selected jobs or click More, then Unlock....

    You see the Unlock Password Protected Jobs dialog:

    Unlock Password Protected Jobs

  3. In the Password field, type the PDF Document Open Password.
    Note: If the PDF file is locked under permission password, type only the Permissions Password in the Password field.
    The files that were locked with the password you entered are further processed, while those that have a different password remain in the Waiting for password processing state.
  4. If one or several password protected files have a different password, repeat the unlocking procedure until all the files are unlocked.
  5. Click Unlock.