Holding Jobs before Printing

If you do not want jobs to print until a specific time, you can hold them. This is usually done by setting the Print mode property when the job is submitted, although you can do it after the job is submitted. After the job is submitted, it is easier to suspend it.
To hold a job before printing:
  1. Open the Job Setup page of the Properties for Job dialog.
  2. Expand the Job Information section.
  3. Set a job printing date and time by selecting By date from the Due list.

    You see date and time fields:

    Properties for Job: Job setup page

  4. Edit the date and time fields.
  5. Click Save.

You can also use the Hold until option, after submitting the job, to hold it until a specific day of the week:

  1. In the All Jobs pod, right-click a job and select More.

  2. Select Hold until in the options list that opens, then select a day.
    Hold until Dialog
    The new date automatically changes in the Properties for Job dialog.

The job status indicator does not change color. The job will not print until the specified date and time, or until you change the Print mode property to Normal print or Print and hold