Creating Users

Users must have a TotalFlow Production Manager user name to access the system and to do TotalFlow Production Manager actions. These user names are separate from Windows user names.
To create a user:
  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Configuration.
  3. In the Users pod, click New

    You see the Create User dialog:

    Create User dialog

  4. Enter or select values for the required properties.
    • User names are case-sensitive.
    • Passwords can be from 8 bytes to 32 bytes. They are case-sensitive and cannot include these characters:
      • ' (apostrophe)
      • < (less than)
      • = (equals sign)
      • > (greater than)
      • ` (grave accent)
      • | (vertical bar)
      • ~ (tilde)
      • [DEL] (Delete key)
      • All non-printing characters
  5. Click OK.
Inform the user of the user name and password that you created. Users must change their passwords the first time they log in.

To view the users’ activity logs, either right-click the user name, or select the user name and click More, then select Log....

Show logs for User
In the panel that opens, configure the display options according to your needs.