Setting workflow Defaults and Overrides for Job Properties

Operators and administrators can associate default and override values for job properties with a workflow.

When the workflow receives a job, the job uses the workflow defaults for properties that do not have a value. It uses the workflow overrides for all job properties instead of the values in the job ticket.

Important: Be careful when you set overrides for jobs received from TotalFlow Prep. The override values might conflict with the values set in these applications.
Note: The Number of pages property is an exception. If TotalFlow Production Manager can determine the number of pages in the job, it uses the actual number even if you set an override.

To set workflow defaults and overrides for job properties:

  1. In the Workflow tab, right-click the workflow, then click Editor and Properties.... Or double-click the workflow.

    You see the Workflow dialog:

    Properties for workflow dialog: General page

  2. In the Properties for Workflow dialog, click Job Defaults.

    You see the Set Job Defaults and Overrides for Workflow dialog:

    Set Job Defaults and Overrides for workflow dialog

    Note: If you plan to submit jobs through one of the TotalFlow applications, make sure that the properties set for the Staple option are matching on Finishing page and in the Subset tool. This prevents conflicts between the finishing options submitted with the job and the finishing options set by the workflow.
  3. Click the page graphics to see different properties.
  4. To see information about any of the properties:
    1. Mouse over the property.
    2. Click Question mark, the question mark button, next to the property name.
  5. Enter or select values for any properties that you want to set.
  6. For each property that you set, click the icon to mark the value as a default or an override. The icon toggles between default and override images.
    • Default means that the value is a default.
    • Override means that the value is an override.
  7. To set the same value for all the properties, select Default or Override in the bottom left corner of the dialog.
  8. Click OK.