Outputs window

The Outputs window displays a list of all the output folders in the system. To create and send batches, you must have at least one output created and defined.

The name of the output hot folder.
The Status column displays the state of the output hot folder: Enabled or Disabled. You can switch between the two states by right-clicking on the hot folder and selecting Enable or Disable from the menu.
If specified, this field displays the output speed in Feet/hour or Sheets/hour.
Note: Depending on the selection you made at the installation time, the measurement system can be different.
A short description of the output hot folder.
Output Type
Specifies the output type: PDF/Postscript, PDF/PostScript and CSV, PDF/Postscript and XML, TotalFlow MIME, PDF/Postscript and RPD List File, JMF over HTTP or TotalFlow JMF over HTTP.
Output Location (Directory Path)
Specifies the output folder location.

To delete one or more hot folders, select the hot folders from the list, right-click and select Delete…. A confirmation window appears. Click Yes to delete the hot folders or click No to cancel the action.

To open the edit output dialog and edit the output properties, double-click an output from the list or right-click and select Properties.

To create a copy of an output, select an output from the list and then right-click and select Duplicate…