Custom Locations window

You can define custom locations for the jobs in the system.

The defined location is used to track a job through production after it was sent for printing.

In the Custom Locations window, you can create and edit custom locations for the jobs in your system. The location is displayed as a column heading in the Jobs window and as an editable attribute in each Job details window. The attribute is editable only if a job is in the following states: Sent, Printed or a custom state.

You can create a maximum number of 1000 locations that can be used to track jobs through production.

To import custom locations from a CSV file:

  1. Click , the Import Locations button.
  2. Click Browse… and select a CSV file you want to upload. The TotalFlow BatchBuilder system imports the custom locations from the CSV file when the IMPORT button is pressed.
  3. Click the First Row Contains Field Names checkbox if the specified CSV file contains field names.
  4. To save the custom changes, click IMPORT , to discard changes, click Cancel.

You can also define custom locations for the jobs in the system in the right-click menu of the job list.

To add manually a new custom location, click , the add button and specify a location name. To remove a custom location, click , the remove button.

  • You can select custom locations only for the jobs that have been sent.

To save the custom changes, click OK. To discard the entered information, click Cancel.