Inputs window

The Inputs window displays a list of all the input hot folders in the system.

The name of the input hot folder.
The Status column displays the hot folder state: Enabled or Disabled. You can switch between the two states by right-clicking on the hot folder and selecting Enable or Disable from the menu.
Input Type
There are four possible values for the hot folder input type: PDF/Postscript, XML/Control File, JMF over HTTP, TotalFlow JMF over HTTP, and CSV.
A short description of the input hot folder.
Input Location (Directory Path)
The input hot folder location.

To delete one or more hot folders, select the hot folders from the list, right-click and select Delete…. A confirmation window appears. Click Yes to delete the hot folders or click No to cancel the action.

To open the edit input dialog and edit the input properties, double-click an input from the list or right-click and select Properties.

To create a copy of an input, select an input from the list and then right-click and select Duplicate…