Batch Alert Trigger

You can create a batch alert trigger for all the possible imposition error types.

To create a new batch alert trigger:

  1. From the menu bar, click Alerts.
  2. In the Alerts section, click the Alert Triggers tab.
  3. Click New Alert Trigger.
  4. Select Batch as the type of the alert trigger from the Type list.
  5. From the Status list, select Imposition error. This is the condition that must be met for the alert to be triggered.
Note: The possible imposition errors that trigger the alert:
  • An automated filter containing both jobs with a specified imposition hot folder and jobs with no specified imposition hot folder creates a batch with the Imposition Error state.
  • TotalFlow BatchBuilder fails to send the imposition XML file to the Ultimate Impostrip XML hot folder.
  • A job fails to be imposed within the time specified in the Admin Features Imposition Timer tab.
  • A job fails to be imposed because of an Ultimate Impostrip error.

You can set the time when the alert is automatically removed from the system by specifying the number of hours in the Auto-Dismiss Alert After (hours) text field. Alerts can also be manually dismissed from the Current Alerts tab.

You can specify which users receive an email notification each time an alert is triggered by clicking on the Email Notification list and manually selecting the users. To receive email notifications, make sure you configure your SMTP SERVER settings in the Admin Other Servers window.

You can view the active alerts in the Current Alerts tab. Double-click an alert or right-click and select Properties to view the alert details.

In the alert details dialog, click Open Batch to view and edit the batch properties.