Scan Barcodes

TotalFlow BatchBuilder allows you to scan barcodes using USB scanners. You can either scan batch barcodes or jobs barcodes. A scanned job barcode indicates that the job has been printed.

To open the Scan Barcodes dialog, click the Actions menu, and select Scan Barcodes.

The default state displayed is Enable Scanning. To scan individual jobs which are added to the list displayed in the Scan Barcodes dialog, click the Enable Scanning button. The state changes into Ready to Scan.

Select a value from the list of available custom locations.
Note: You can create custom locations in the Admin Custom Locations window.
Select a system defined state or a custom created state from the list.
Note: You can create custom states in the Admin Custom States window.

When the Location is set to a specific value, you can select - Do not change - from the State list. When the Location and State values are set, the - Do not change - value cannot be selected anymore.

Using Scan Barcodes allows you to track a jobs locations and status after it was sent for printing from the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system.

The scanned jobs are ready to be submitted. When a batch is scanned, all the jobs from that batch are added to the list displayed in the Scan Barcodes dialog.

Click Submit to send the scanned jobs to the Session Log (submitted scans) and change the state of the submitted jobs to the selected state.

To remove the recently scanned jobs from the list, right-click and select Undo Scan.