Submit an order

This topic describes how to submit an order into TotalFlow BatchBuilder without using input hot folders.

To submit an order:

  1. In the menu bar, click Actions, and select Submit Order from the menu. You can also go to the Orders section and click New Order.
    The Submit an Order dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter the necessary information in the Order Details section.
    The available order properties are:
    Enter the name of the customer. You can enter a string of maximum 256 characters.
    Due Date

    To set the date, select or type in the day, month, and year in the correct format.

    To set the time, select the hour and the minutes from the list.

    Keep order together
    Enable this option if you want all the jobs to be ready for batching when all the jobs/parts within the same order are complete.
    Click Make jobs batchable only when all jobs/parts are complete to enable the Keep order together option. If there are any jobs in a Waiting for Files state, all the other jobs containing print files are set to a Waiting for Files state. The jobs cannot be batched until all the jobs from the order are complete.
    Order Number
    Enter an order number.
    Enter a short description.
    You can click , the Disabled button, to enable and use Preflight on the jobs submitted in the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system. The system applies the preflight settings configured and enabled in Admin Features Preflight tab.
  3. Add jobs as parts of the order in the Jobs section.
    To add a job:
    1. Click , to add a new job part.
    2. Click Browse… to select a job file.
    3. Enter a job name in the Job Name field.
    4. Enter a number as a unique identifier within the order in the Part Number field.
    5. To set the job properties, click , the All Job Properties button.
      The job row expands to display the job details tabs. You can edit the job properties in the General, Job, Paper, Imposition, Finishing, and Custom tabs.

      To collapse the job row, click , the All Job Properties button.

    1. To remove a job from the order, click .
    2. If there are any input errors in the Jobs section, an error icon is displayed: . Click the All Job Properties button to expand the job details tab and correct the input errors.
  4. Click OK to submit the order.
A confirmation message that the order was created is displayed.