Job Alert Triggers

This section describes how to create and edit alert triggers for jobs.

To create a new job alert trigger:

  1. From the menu bar, click Alerts.
  2. In the Alerts section, click the Alert Triggers tab.
  3. Click New Alert Trigger.
  4. Select Job as the type of the alert trigger from the Type list.

You can create different types of alert triggers for jobs. From the Status list, select the job condition that must be met for the alert to be triggered.

The job alert trigger types are:

Does not match any filters
An alert is sent when the system receives a new job that can be batched and does not match any existing filters.
Does not match any imposition filters
This alert is sent when new jobs are received, through an input or manual submission, only when the Impostrip is enabled. The imposition filters are defined, including the exclusion filters. Alerts are not issued when the imposition feature is disabled.
An alert is sent when the job due date has expired.
Note: If the due date of the order containing the job has been changed and is overdue, the Job due by: alert can be sent more than once.
You can configure the alert trigger to send an alert at a specific time before the job due date expires. To set the time when the alert is displayed, type in the hours and minutes in the Display Alert Prior to Due Time text fields.
Waiting for File
An alert is sent when a job enters the system and is in Incomplete status.
Is too big for matching automated filter
An alert is sent when a job matches an automated filter but it exceeds the target range of the filter.
Matches a combined filter and an automated filter
An alert is sent when a job is selected for a combined filter and also matches the criteria of a different automated filter (either a combined filter or a simple filter).
Preflight Error
An alert is sent when a job is in Preflight state and the preflight process fails. When an error occurs during the preflight process, TotalFlow BatchBuilder receives a report from the Preflight Database. The Preflight Error alert is sent in these situations:
  • When a job is in preflight and the selected profile or action list is deleted.
  • When the job preflight fails because of a process crash.
  • When errors are identified in the preflighted job file.
  • When a job is received through an input and does not match any preflight filters.
Note: The job state changes to Preflight Error and is shown in the Action Required list from the Jobs tab. You can right-click the job and select Ignore Preflight Error to change the job state to Unbatched.
Requires proof
An alert is sent when the job attribute Proof is set to Proof Required.
Waiting for files
An alert is sent when a job enters the system and is in Waiting for File state.
Note: You can configure the alert trigger to send the alert only after a specific period of time has passed. In the Trigger Alert After text field, specify the number of hours that must pass after the job state has been set to Waiting for File, before the alert is sent.
  1. Any of the job alert trigger types can be configured to be sent for all customers or for a specific customer.
  2. You can set the time when the alert is automatically removed from the system by specifying the number of hours in the Auto-Dismiss Alert After (hours) text field. Alerts can also be manually dismissed from the Current Alerts tab.
  3. You can specify which users receive an email notification each time an alert is triggered by clicking the Email Notification list and manually selecting the users. To receive email notifications, make sure that you configure your SMTP SERVER settings in the AdminOtherServers window.

You can view the active alerts in the Current Alerts tab. Double-click an alert or right-click and select Properties to view the alert details.

In the alert details dialog, click Open Job… to view and edit the job properties.