Applying a Preset to a Job

You can apply the settings registered in a preset to an open job. The current job settings are updated to match the job settings registered in the preset.
To apply a preset:
  1. Create or open a job.
    For more information, see Preparing Jobs.
  2. On the menu bar, click the presets menu and select one of the presets available in the list.
    Apply preset
    • When you apply a preset, the settings in the preset overwrite all the current job settings, except for the printer.

      If the current printer does not support certain settings from the preset, these settings are not applied. A warning dialog box appears with more information about the unsupported settings.

      The user code saved in the preset is only applied if the job does not already have a user code specified.

    • If the settings from the preset specify pages, page ranges, chapters, or chapter ranges that are invalid for the current job, these settings are applied partially based on the available pages and chapters.

    • Presets that contain image processing settings are not available in the browser version of TotalFlow Prep.

    You can use the Auto paper sample preset to reset the job to default settings.