Building a Job with the Settings Registered in a Preset

You can apply the settings registered in a preset when you build a job with the Build Job function.
To build a job with the settings registered in a preset:
  1. Open TotalFlow Prep and click Build Job on the Quick Actions screen.
    Quick Actions screen — Build Job
    Note: If a job is already open in TotalFlow Prep, go to File Build Job to build a new job.
  2. In the Build Job dialog box, add files from your computer or import files from a scanner.
    Build Job — Add files
    • To add files from your computer, click Add files, browse for the files that you want to add in the Open dialog box, select them, and click Open.

      If a file is password-protected, you are prompted to enter the password before you can add the file to the job.

    • To import files from a scanner, select a TWAIN-compliant scanner or the Fiery Remote Scan utility from the list of scanners and click Scan.

      Depending on the selected scanner, the TWAIN driver setup screen or the Fiery Remote Scan utility is launched. Follow the steps required by the scanner driver and make any necessary settings.

  3. Repeat the previous step to add all the files required for the job.
  4. Optional: Make any necessary adjustments to the list of files.
    For example, you can reorder the files and specify which pages to include for files with multiple pages.
  5. Enable the Apply preset option and select a preset from the list to apply the settings registered in the preset when the job is created.
    Build Job — Apply preset
    Important: If the settings from the preset specify pages, page ranges, chapters, or chapter ranges that are invalid for the current job, these settings are applied partially based on the available pages and chapters.
  6. Click the Create button.
Reference: For more information on building jobs from existing files on your computer or from scanned files, see Building a New Job.