Transforming PCL Jobs to PDF

You can print PCL jobs on printer devices that support PDF by transforming them.
To transform PCL jobs to PDF:
  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. In the Workflows tab, select a workflow, then click Edit Workflow the edit workflow icon.

    The workflow is displayed in the Editor pod.

  4. Drag and drop the Transform to PDF activity from the Activities pod to the workflow Editor pod.
  5. Open the Transform to PDF properties dialog window.
  6. Optional: In Transform to PDF properties dialog, open the Job Defaults page and select Read job ticket attributes.
    This option enables submitting PCL jobs created and edited with RICOH PCL Universal Driver to TotalFlow Production Manager.

    The settings that you can change in RICOH PCL Universal Driver are:

    • Color
    • Copies
    • Duplex
    • Orientation
    • Punch
    • Staple
    • User code

    Note: The changes you make in the PCL job ticket attributes at this step overwrite the job ticket attributes from the previously submitted job ticket or from the workflow defaults and overrides.
  7. Set the parameters of the output PDF document according to your needs:
    Select Profile saved on server
    For a PCL file, the parameters of the PDF output files are size units and X and Y axes, which are the horizontal and vertical margins of the output document.
    1. Under PCL Transform Options, select the unit of measure from the Units list.
    2. Enter a value as a positive or negative number in the X axis and Y axis fields, or use the arrows to increase or decrease the present values.

      Negative values of the X and Y parameters cause the document content to shift towards the left and, respectively, the top of the physical page, while positive values cause the document content to shift to the right and, respectively, the bottom of the physical page.

  8. Select On error, enable copy to folder, then select the folder you want the files to be copied into.
  9. Click OK to save the settings.
  10. Save the workflow.

    When the job reaches the Transform to PDF activity, TotalFlow Production Manager transforms it from PCL to PDF.