Adding a Watermark to the Job

You can specify the watermark properties for the job.
To customize your watermark settings:
  1. Click Watermark on the left side of the screen.
  2. To specify the text printed, enter the content in the text area or select a previously specified text from the list.
  3. To set the font properties, select the name, color, and size for the font displayed.
  4. To rotate the text 90 degrees, enter the value 90 in the Angle field.
  5. To make the watermark opaque, leave the transparency percentage to 0 in the Transparency field.
  6. To customize the position of the text relative to the center of the page, go to Position and enter the amount you want to shift the watermark in the X and Y fields.
  7. To print the watermark only on the first page, select the First page only check box. Otherwise, the watermark is printed on all the pages in the job.