Finishing tab

You can type in or select the binding style from a list:
  • No Binding
  • Cut Only
  • Cut/Fold
  • Perfect Bind
  • Case Bound
  • Coil
  • Spiral
  • 3 Hole Drill
  • Saddle Stitch
Spine Size
The specified value in inches or mm for the size of the spine. You can edit the value of the spine size.
You can type in or select Lamination, UV (Ultra Violet), or No Coating from the menu. If No Coating is selected, the Coating Type and Coating Surface menus are disabled.
Coating Type
You can type in or select the coating type from the menu.
Coating Surface
You can type in or select the coating surface used for the job from the menu.
If perforation is required, select Perforation, otherwise select No Perforation.
If drill is required, select Drill, otherwise select No Drill.
If collation is required, select Collate, otherwise select Do Not Collate.
The finisher name for the job.